Review – Dancing in No Man’s Land: Moving With Peace and Truth in a Hostile World

dancing in no man's landI had different reactions to the first and second halves of the book, so I’ll divide this review into two sections.

Parts I and II of the Book

I found these parts of the book to be so helpful. The message is desperately needed in today’s world. Reading this made me feel like I was taking a deep, refreshing breath of air. The book takes a step back from all the conflict and disagreements and shows a glimpse of a better way. It gives practical suggestions for developing character traits such as wisdom and tact, gentleness and strength, and humility and courage (the character traits are paired together). … More Review – Dancing in No Man’s Land: Moving With Peace and Truth in a Hostile World

Review – The Accidental Guardian

the accidental guardianThis book has some wonderful qualities: the engaging story, the historical setting, and the likable characters. It also has some flaws, but I still enjoyed the book so much that I gave it four stars.

I loved the history. The book went into a lot of detail about everyday activities, such as cooking. Some might not enjoy so many details, but I loved seeing what life was like at that time. … More Review – The Accidental Guardian

Short Blogging Break

I’ll be taking a short break from this blog to focus on helping with the farm work which is extra crazy right now. In the meantime, I’ll be working on posts for when I get back to this blog, and I’ll be reading every chance I get. I’ve been reading a lot of classic short stories, and I’m hoping to read some classic novels, too. … More Short Blogging Break

Review – Big Book of Weekend Beading: Step-by-Step Instructions for 30+ Quick Beading Projects

Big Book of weekend BeadingThe projects in this book cover a range of skill levels, beading techniques, and styles. I’m interested in trying over half of them. The techniques included are bead weaving, bead embroidery, bead stringing, and wire work. … More Review – Big Book of Weekend Beading: Step-by-Step Instructions for 30+ Quick Beading Projects

Review – Practicing the King’s Economy

35138439My experience with this book alternated between good and bad. Some parts of it are inspiring and practical. Some parts I do not agree with (although I acknowledge I could be wrong). This was a very difficult, and sometimes confusing book for me. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think the way I reacted to it has a lot to do with my personal background and situation and less to do with the content of the book. … More Review – Practicing the King’s Economy

Review – Healing Spices

32613357Healing Spices is a fascinating and informative overview of spices and the different world cuisines that use them. I learned about many spices I’d never heard of before, and I now have ideas for spices to try for my own health.

I really loved that the book explains how and where the spices are grown, as well as the history of each spice. I hadn’t realized how precious spices have been and still are. … More Review – Healing Spices

Quarterly Newsletter – Spring 2018

Quarterly Newsletter Spring 2018

Quarterly Newsletter Spring 2018 (1)

Welcome to a new feature on this blog!! Every quarter I’ll be doing a newsletter post where I’ll talk about books I’m excited about reading, other blogs I’ve discovered, behind the scenes of this blog (including hints of exciting upcoming posts and new developments), and little things going on in my life. This will be a place to share with you the things on my mind and the things I’m excited about. … More Quarterly Newsletter – Spring 2018