Review – Enclave

enclaveTitle: Enclave
Author: Thomas Locke
Series: N/A
Genre: Fiction – dystopian
Publisher: Revell
Number of Pages: 288

My Rating: 



(From Goodreads) It’s been 50 years since the Great Crash and what was once America is now a collection of enclaves, governed on the local level and only loosely tied together by the farce of a federal government. Catawba, one of the largest and most affluent enclaves in the southern states, is relatively stable and maintains a successful business of trade with nearby enclaves, including the one at Charlotte Township. But when a new vein of gold is found beneath the feet of those in Catawba, it’s only a matter of time before trouble finds them.

Now the future of Catawba may be in the hands of an untried 17-year-old trader named Caleb. And Caleb knows that if his secret were ever to come out, he would never see another dawn.


When I started this book, I had no idea where it was headed. It was unpredictable and tense and I wanted to find out what would happen. The ending was excellent and I was so happy to see where the author went with the idea.

The characters are likable and I grew more attached to them with every page. I know the characters are good when I’m afraid to keep reading because I hope nobody dies in the story.

As I read the last few chapters I wanted to stop reading because the story was so intense, but I wasn’t able to because I had to find out what happened. It was like being glued to a scary movie scene.

The world in this book is believable and imaginative. I was interested to see how people would live their daily lives in that kind of environment. It was familiar yet unfamiliar because it mentioned places I’ve heard of but showed them in a much different condition. It was futuristic but almost felt historical in some ways.

The tone of the book could have been very dark, but instead was full of hope. Although I would classify this book as dystopian, in some ways it felt like a thriller. It was a ride from beginning to end, and I loved it.

I won a copy of this book from Revell.


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