Review – Battle Ready

battle readyTitle: Battle Ready: Train Your Mind to Conquer Challenges, Defeat Doubt, and Live Victoriously
Author: Kelly Balarie
Series: N/A
Genre: Nonfiction – Christian life, women’s
Publisher: Baker Books
Number of Pages: 283

My Rating: 

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Balarie shows how we can train our minds in order to stop being negative and to start living a healthy lifestyle.


Exactly the kind of book I’ve been looking for! I’ve known for a long time that I wanted and needed to read a book about training my mind to be stronger and less negative, only I didn’t know where to start. This is a great book to start with. It’s one that’s like an athlete’s mental toughness book, but for all women.

The book is interactive with lots of fill-in-the-blanks and questions to answer so you can customize it to your own unique situation. It allows you to make this journey your own.

There’s a wealth of information in this book and so many ideas and examples that it allows for each person to find solutions that work for them. You can take from it what you need. Also, since there’s so much information, it’s a good idea (and the book recommends this) to pick just one or two things to try at a time. I read the whole thing and now plan on going back through and trying some of the ideas, but the book recommends that you read through it very slowly and try stuff as you go. I think reading slowly would be good, too. Reading through it fast was overwhelming.

I thought the information about what’s going on in our brains was fascinating and I wish there were more of those sections. I learned interesting facts like how 77 percent of our thoughts are negative.

The format is unique with pretty lettering of key points to remember, lots of fill-in-the-blanks for your own journaling, lists, charts, illustrations, etc.

I really enjoyed Battle Ready and now I’m eager to read Balarie’s other book: Fear Fighting

fear fighting

I received a copy of this book from Baker Book Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.


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