Top Ten Tuesday – Short Stories and Novellas

ttt short stories and novellas

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Pony Express Christmas

pony express christmasType: Novella

I remember getting this from the library a long time ago. It’s a wonderful story that has stuck with me. And I love Christmas stories, which you will notice in this post.






The Ransom of Red Chief

ransom of red chiefType: Short story

I love this short story! The title character is kind of like Dennis the Menace. The story is entertaining and full of irony.








Smith of Wooton Major

smith of wooton major

Type: Short Story

Tolkien is one of my favorite authors and I’ve enjoyed short stories, novels, and an essay by him. This is my favorite of his short stories that I’ve read so far and the included explanatory essay (by a scholar) is fascinating.






Bartleby, The Scrivener

bartlebyType: Short story (a long short story)

This is the only work I’ve yet read by Melville, but I definitely plan on reading more. Although this was a strange and slightly disturbing story, the writing is good and thought-provoking.







Rip Van Winkle


Type: Short story

I enjoyed this story and I find it interesting that part of it was a kind of allusion to the Revolutionary War.







The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

walter mittyType: Short story

One of my favorite short stories. It’s neat how  Mitty’s real life and his imaginary life both tie together; how what he says in real life parallels what he says in his imagination. The ending is great! This story is clever, fun to read, and full of adventure.







The Christmas Tree

1093416Type: Novella

I didn’t know if a story about a Christmas tree would be that interesting, but it was!









Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball


Type: Novella

Just a fun, charming, cozy, Christmas story.









The Christmas Candle

17586442Type: Novella?

I’m not sure if this counts. Everywhere I look says it’s a novel, but to me, it seems shorter than a novel and so I tend to think of it as a novella.







The Bet


Type: Short story

My first Chekhov story! It was thought-provoking and an interesting concept.

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