Quarterly Newsletter – Summer 2018

Quarterly Newsletter Summer 2018
Welcome to the Quarterly Newsletter — Summer edition!

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A Few Thoughts on My Current Read

pride and prejudiceAh, Pride and Prejudice! Reading it has been even more wonderful than I thought it would be. The subtleties, irony, and humor are brilliant and many of them still relevant. I watched the 2005 movie version years ago (I watched it in preparation for an English Lit test 😀 ), but I’m only recently reading the book, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I keep remembering favorite scenes in the movie and finding that they are also in the book, but I’m also finding new favorite scenes in the book that aren’t in the movie. I can’t wait to finish the book and see how it all unfolds.

Last week I posted the first of a four-part series on book-related quotes in Pride and Prejudice. You can read it here.


Pride And Prejudice GIF-downsized_large

Recent Editions to My Bookshelves

America's VictoriesAmerica’s Victories

Where I got it: Paperback Swap.

Why: I’m interested in reading a more positive perspective to balance out all the negative ones that we hear every day.






Where I got it: Tyndale Reader Rewards

Why: This version is updated and revised by Lew Wallace’s great-great-granddaughter! After reading this, I might tackle the original version, which I expect will be a lot harder to read. I loved the 2016 film version, and I can’t wait to read the book.



arund the world in eighty daysAround the World in Eighty Days

Where I got it: a sale at Christian Book Distributors

Why: I prefer reading classics in physical copy rather than ebook. I’ve been wanting to read Jules Verne for a long time, but haven’t yet. I love adventure stories and I hope to start this one soon.



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Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Will Read Again

Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite film adaption of Pride and Prejudice? Let me know in the comments!

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