Review – Dancing in No Man’s Land: Moving With Peace and Truth in a Hostile World

dancing in no man's landdancing in no man's landdancing in no man's land

dancing in no man's landTitle: Dancing in No Man’s Land: Moving With Peace and Truth in a Hostile World
Author: Brian Jennings
Series: N/A
Genre: Nonfiction – Christian
Publisher: NavPress
Number of Pages: 216

My Rating: 

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This book shows that there is a better way than all the conflict and chaos that surrounds us. Rather than take sides and participate in all the fighting, we can pursue both truth and peace at the same time.


I had different reactions to the first and second halves of the book, so I’ll divide this review into two sections.

Parts I and II of the Book

I found these parts of the book to be so helpful. The message is desperately needed in today’s world. Reading this made me feel like I was taking a deep, refreshing breath of air. The book takes a step back from all the conflict and disagreements and shows a glimpse of a better way. It gives practical suggestions for developing character traits such as wisdom and tact, gentleness and strength, and humility and courage (the character traits are paired together).

The author is honest, yet so gentle and kind that I felt safe to examine my own actions and to grow as a person. The author is also authentic and isn’t afraid to tell stories of his own mistakes.

This book is quick and fun to read, but wow, so good. Jennings throws in a little humor here and there, and the writing is conversational and down-to-earth. Throughout the book, Jennings uses a vivid World War I metaphor. He talks about how at the first sign of disagreement, people take sides, dig bunkers, and begin lobbing grenades.

This book offers encouragement, hope, honesty and…quotes from wonder woman! I love the verses, quotes, and stories the book includes. The references to culture and recent events were all fresh in my mind and relevant.

Part III of the Book

Part III was somehow not as helpful to me. For one thing, the tone seemed to change. Where Parts I and II seemed so kind and hopeful, Part III seemed a little…fed up maybe? And sometimes a tad one-sided.

Parts I and II seemed focused on solutions but Part III seemed more focused on problems. I didn’t like that there were so many negative examples. If I knew nothing about American history, Part III of this book would make me assume only bad things happened in our history. I wish that Part III would have talked about some of the good things that happened, as examples to follow.

Overall, this really was a great book, though! I do plan on rereading parts of it.


• One of the greatest challenges of our day is to learn how to pursue truth and peace—at the same time.

• Clear minds and gentle words really do prevail.

• Humility makes it easier to have courage.

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale House in exchange for an honest review.

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