Top Ten Tuesdays – Books That Surprised Me

books that surprised me

Here are ten books that surprised me in a good way or a bad way. Some of them surprised me with the plot, some with characters, some with the writing style. Some are books I never expected to give 5 stars but ended up doing so.

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All book covers link to Amazon. (Disclaimer: If you purchase the book from Amazon through my link, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

Here we go:


A forgotten classic. Fascinating, filled with humor, and explores a little-known part of WWII.








Very historically and politically in-depth. I haven’t read many comic books and didn’t know what I was missing! Wonderful combination of art and history.







I had no idea this was so good! Great story and wonderful characters. Now for the sequels!







Who knew a book about grammar could be so entertaining? Short, helpful, and funny, even.








Neither the description nor the cover gave me a clue as to how wonderful this book is. I loved it! It takes a simple subject and makes it interesting.







Not only is this an extremely helpful book, but the layout startled me in a good way. The content practices what it preaches. The words are few and they decorate the pages in a minimalistic way.






In some ways, the best in the series, but I do love all of the series. This one just stands out. It surprised me many times and has a great ending to conclude the series.







I liked Charlotte’s Web and I liked The Elements of Style so I figured I’d also like this book by E.B. White. The surprise with this one was not so much good and not so much bad, but more like: huh?







I expected a light Christmas romance, but this was so much more than that. It has a lot of heart and is a wonderful, charming story.







I thought I knew this story from watching multiple movie versions. I should have known better. This is my first introduction to Dickens, and now I’m a fan. Finally, I understand all the hype.





What books have you read that surprised you? Have you read any of the books on my list? Let me know in the comments!

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