Review – The Captive Imposter (The Everstone Chronicles #3)

27037771Title: The Captive Imposter
Author: Dawn Crandall
Series: The Everstone Chronicles #3
Genre: Fiction – Christian, romance
Publisher: Whitaker House
Number of Pages: 280

My Rating: 

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After the murder of her brother, Estella Everstone takes on a new identity and a job below her station. Unexpectedly, the job takes her closest to the danger she was fleeing, but it also introduces her to an intriguing gentleman.


When I began reading this book, I was instantly drawn into the story and was in awe of the writing! The writing is beautiful. It’s refreshing and non-cliche. The first-person narrative is full of the character’s personality and sense of humor. I loved it.

Even though I haven’t read the first two books in the series, I had no trouble keeping up with everything and understanding the situations and characters.

The voice and descriptions are wonderful with minimal repetition (some books seem to say the same thing over and over, but not this one). The story is beautiful; the characters, compelling. I loved the setting in the deep, dark green woods of Maine where Everston, a stately hotel is located.

Each chapter begins with a quote from a person or a work of literature. These quotes are insightful and, at least to me, uncommon (which is definitely a good thing!). I loved the quotes. They hint at what’s going to happen in that chapter, sometimes foreshadowing events, and sometimes revealing what’s happening inside a character’s heart.

At some point in the book, I considered awarding it five stars. But the third act felt a little hurried. In it, something bad happens, but the characters don’t react very strongly.

The ending also seemed to push some minor characters to the wayside. I wanted to see more of what happened to them and see their relationships with the main character resolved. Maybe this is just a matter of needing to read more books in the series. The fact that I’m not saying, “The ending is too long,” but, “I wish there was more” is a sign that the book must be good indeed.

One thing I liked about the end (and I hope this isn’t a spoiler. Just to be safe, avert your eyes now) was that the main character successfully defends herself in a fight. No one wants to see a character—man or woman—suddenly be rescued from all their troubles. This book avoids that.

What sticks with me the most is the wonderful use of words and the great story. Overall, this is an excellent book!

I recommend this to:

  • Romance readers.


• He was everything safe and courageous and true.

• I’d told him too much of what I shouldn’t have, and not nearly enough of what I should.

• “The broken hearts and lives, the tragic losses our families have suffered…it all somehow led to our meeting in the stagecoach that night.”

I received a copy of this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways.

Have you read any of Dawn Crandall’s books? I’d love to hear your answer in the comments!


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