Five Charming Novels for Christmas in July

five things for Christmas in July

While you’re waiting for real Christmas to come, here are five wonderful little novels for you to read. And maybe now is the perfect time to read them because if you’re like me, you won’t have time to in December.

These books are in no particular order.

1. Dashing Through the Snow


Macomber’s novel is a sweet and easygoing romance. The characters are funny and the plot includes a hint of suspense.

2. A Dog Named Christmas


This is a poignant tale. It’s a great story about how a dog can change people for the better. Who doesn’t love a good dog story, and even better, a Christmas dog story?

3. A Christmas Carol


This short classic is a must-read. We’ve probably all seen one of the many movie adaptions, but how many of us have read the book? A Christmas Carol is an excellent and rewarding book. Scrooge’s character transformation is one of the best in literature.

4. The Christmas Candle


The Christmas Candle is an amazing and surprising story. It’s short, it keeps you interested, and it has a lot of meaning in it.

In case you’ve seen the movie based on this book, the book is a thousand times better.

5. Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball


I had so much fun reading this charming story. It combines just the right amount of realism and whimsy, and I loved everything about it.

What are your favorite Christmas books? Let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Five Charming Novels for Christmas in July

  1. What a great idea! Christmas in July! I’ve probably seen many more Christmas movies than I’ve read Christmas books. I should consider trying to change that, shouldn’t I?!

  2. I read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens last week. I enjoyed Dickens artful use of English – much different than is now used. Thank you so much for recommending it.

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